Special coefficients for the some countries

Faucetbox.com script

Faucetbox micropayments service was closed, but their faucet script is still active and developped. Itís most popular faucet script. On newest version of script it can be used on Faucethub, ePay and Faucetsystem service.
Faucetbox script addon. This is instruction how to set faucet rewards to be based on $ value. For example, you can set $0.00 or $0.002 reward and rewards of your faucet will be changed automatically according to bitcoin price, you wonít have to worry.Our friend Achim made step by step tutorial how to set up faucet with Faucetbox script:
Faucetsystem.com script have these features:
Original Antibot captcha:
Integration with FaucetSystem AntibotInside
Detecting user country (you can set special coefficients or ban certain country):
Captcha: reCAPTCHASolve media or both
Jackpot module
If you follow this guide, you can use Faucetsystem script on Faucethub service.
Alternative Faucethub script
With this script, you can change the reward from a mininum amount to a maximum amount. Ė It generate a random payout
It blocks VPN/Proxy and you can put Bitcoin Address or IP address on a blacklist and they will get a error after solving the captcha.
You can add HTML sites or change the three advertising spots.
The payment will be stored in the account. The user can withdraw to faucethub anytime and see stats like total claims or 24 hours stats.
JQuery script (Faucethub and Xapo)
JQuery Faucet is a new faucet script which is based on JQuery, PHP and MySQL.
Itís not just looking good. Itís more than that. It has a good adjustable protection against Bots and ban Bots immediately by many factors.
Few Features:
Smooth loading
Countup Rewards
Countup Rewards
1 Concurrent claim per IP
Detect Bots and ban instant
Easy to configure. Only adjust the settings
Payout to Faucethub or XAPO
and much moreÖ
The price of the script is $14.
Gr8.cc Faucethub script
Main Features:
Responsive CSS Ė Works on Mobile, Tablet or PC
Clean Layout Ė Simple Design without the clutter.
Proxy Blocker Ė Block Most Proxies from Accessing.
NastyHost Ė Blocks the other Bad People. hehe
SolveMedia Captcha Ė Seriously why use any other service this one pays.
Makejar 5.50 AntiBot Links Ė Currently the best AntiBot Links available.
Failed Attempt Lock Out Ė Lock User from Claiming if fails Captcha or Antibot too many times.
Payout Safety Limit Ė Set may payout per 30 min. Keeps faucet from being drained.
One Claim per IP/Addy Ė IP & Addy are both logged with time and checked before each claim.
User Action Log (Visiable in DB Only atm)
Easy Customization Ė Change the following in admin panel.
Text Color
Page Background Color
Content Background Color
Page Background Image
All Banners
Footer Info
Price of script Ė current BTC value of $25 USD.
Open sourced faucet with Dice script
Site and code is now open to anyone who wishes to clone/fork or whatever.
Faucet+Dice is a bitcoin faucet that also has a fully functional dice game where users can play with their earnings.
Site is PHP and Javascript.
Anti-bot is with
 Googleís reCaptcha.
Script is made too use on Faucetbox. If you want to use it on Faucethub, you can download modified version of script.
Addon for Dice faucet script. This is instruction how to set faucet rewards to be based on $ value. For example, you can set $0.00 or $0.002 reward and rewards of your faucet will be changed automatically according to bitcoin price, you wonít have to worry.
Mini faucet script.
Mini faucet script is quite popular, it has integrated payments via Blokchain and Coinbase, Xapo. To use it on Faucethub, you just have to copy paste faucethub.php code into faucetbox.php, extend class.
Alpha faucet script
This script very donít requires big resources and can be used even on free hosting.
No database needed to run.
Easy to move your faucet, just download all files and upload.
Dual microwallet support (Faucethub and Faucetsystem).
Advanced Proxy and VPN blocker.
Quick blocking if captcha is incorrect for 3 times.
[Will be available in next update]
Instead of one IP per addy, Locking IP and addy after every successful claim.
Errorless PHP script, easily customizable.
Countdown Timer added.
Preloader added.
Integrated with ProLink API.
Sending userís IP to microwallet, this will help you to prevent frauds.
Captcha type: ReCaptcha [Custom design, black theme].
FaucetCMS script 
New script which supports Faucethub and Faucetsystem payouts at same time. Payments can be done instantly or arfter reching payment treshold. More payment options and currencies will be added in future updates. Script provides statistics about every claim: bitcoin address, IP, claim time. Admin able to ban IPís and bitcoin addresses. Script also have TOR/VPN protection and AntiAdBlock integrated.
Script is free, but takes small fee for every claim. From 3 satoshi per claim (if claim amount <100 satoshi) to 6 satoshi (for amounts bigger than 200 satoshi).
CoinBox faucet script (NEW)
Script have responsive design and itís easy to customize. Supports multiple URL shortener services. Display payment stats. Supports only Bitcoin, but users can modify it to add diferent coin. No hidden fees.
Faucethub script (unofficial)
This is unofficial script for Faucethub faucets. Faucet users will claim and collect their satoshis on a site balance. They then can withdraw their balance to Faucethub, if they have at least the withdraw threshold (if you se it). Script is free, but after each claim fee up to 5 satoshi will be sent to script creator, to support him. But you can contact him if you want to get paid version of script without this fee.
Xapo faucet script
Xapo donít have their official script but there are one quite popular faucet script made by one of users. Itís used by many faucet owners. Rewards are sent direct to Xapo. I recommen it only for experienced people, because this script donít have their support, so you have to do everything by yourself.
WordPress faucet plugin
Official page with step by step guide how to build faucet with support..
This plugin is made by 99bitcoins.com. You can use Faucethub as payment option. Plugin is often updated and safe to use.
Quantum faucet script.
Quantum Faucet gives you a perfect way to start a profitable faucet without any hassle, all it requires 5 minute setup. And, boom.
Apart from that, the faucet contains robust security against intruders, the admin panel is well-secure and along with that the script also contains the feature to detect users with multiple accounts.
The payment system is weekly. And, anyone who has accumulated more than X satoshis gets liable for a payout and is automatically displayed in the admin panel.
Faucets earn using ads, and the script contains a page that is meant to be edited by the administrator. Price of script is $21.00
Script includes:
Robust Support
Free Installation
Free Support
Free Updates & Upgrades
Gambling faucet script.
This faucet script icludes such games as Coin-Flipper, Grid-Game, Guess the Number.
Main featuires of script :
  • Robust, flexible, secure and easy to use.
  • Contains News system.
  • Contains Gaming system.
  • Contains Contact form.
  • Login/Register based website.
  • ReCaptcha and SolveMedia captcha to slay bots. Secure anti-bot system.
  • Bans bots and multiple accounts automatically.
  • Profiling system.
  • Chating system.
  • Uses BlockTrail for payments.
  • Includes forums to generate more impressions.
  • Itís well trusted, hugely used and is considered one of the best scripts in the industry. Webmasters have noticed a decline of 90% in bot activity at their sites after switching to our script.
Price of script is $99.98